The present CRP proposal is the continuity of former highly successful ones, which allowed the establishment of a fusion devices network that encompass a diversity of machines. The laboratories involved in the previous CRPs had pursued several common goals in various fields that demanded flexible and compact machines with readiness accomplished and were in good time.This CRP seeks to maintain and even increase the established network of existing magnetic confinement fusion devices that have been utilized to perform jointly and comparatively a number of experiments to study relevant plasma physics, support technology development, modelling analysis and the development of simulation and software tools. Moreover the CRP will comprise a coordinated set of activities for the exchange of data, information and equipment, scientific visits, and, in particular, joint experiments. This concept has already clearly demonstrated its value and potential for enhancing international collaborations, increasing not only the impact on the fusion community, but also the transfer of knowledge and technology to developing countries.This will open the door for more Member States to join the research efforts and contribute to the success of magnetic confinement in fusion at different levels. For that aim it is planned to organize and perform joint and comparative experiments and to facilitate the exchange of data among the participants on: (i) study of turbulence and transport, the coupling between edge and core plasma physics and isotope effect, (ii) develop and model new advanced diagnostics, (iii) test of materials and technologies and (iv) broad the education, training, and geographical spreading of fusion research by including experimental activities for PhD and master students in the participants’ fusion laboratories.The years to come will be crucial to the global undertaking and commitment of mankind to achieve the necessary diversity with clean energy sources where fusion has an important role to play and this objective can only be achieved by an outstanding and trained community of researchers presently being educated.