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CRP Code Title Programme Start Date Completed Date
I21021 Continued Operations Beyond 60 Years in Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Power 2011-11-11 2015-11-12
I21022 Review and Benchmark of Calculation Methods on Piping Wall Thinning due to Erosion-corrosion in Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Power 2011-11-11 2016-05-25
I31019 Improved Understanding of the Irradiation Creep Behaviour of Nuclear Graphite Nuclear Power 2009-11-06 2016-11-01
I31021 Benchmark Analysis of an EBR-II Shutdown Heat Removal Test Nuclear Power 2012-05-23 2016-05-30
I35004 Examining the Techno-Economics of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Benchmark Analysis of the IAEA HEEP Software Nuclear Power 2012-09-12 2016-03-11
F11014 Benchmarking of Structural Materials Pre-selected for Advanced Nuclear Reactors. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2011-04-19 2015-10-09
T12025 Evaluation of Conditions for Hydrogen-Induced Degradation of Zirconium Alloys during Fuel Operation and Storage Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2011-07-05 2015-08-19
T13013 Spent Fuel Performance Assessment and Research (SPAR III) Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2009-11-06 2014-09-30
T13014 Demonstrating Performance of Spent Fuel and Related Storage System Components during Very Long Term Storage Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2012-06-27 2016-12-14
T12026 Near Term and Promising Long Term Options for Deployment of Thorium Based Nuclear Energy Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2012-04-19 2016-05-23
T12028 Fuel Modelling in Accident Conditions (FUMAC) Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2014-05-08 2018-05-25
I11006 Assessing Interdependencies between Energy, Water, Land-use and Climate Change Capacity Building and Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance for Sustainable Energy Development 2011-12-13 2016-01-21
I11007 Techno-economic Evaluation of Options for Adapting Nuclear and other Energy Infrastructure to Long-term Climate Change and Extreme Weather Capacity Building and Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance for Sustainable Energy Development 2012-12-13 2016-05-26
L53002 Increasing NPP Performance through Process-oriented Knowledge Management Approach Capacity Building and Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance for Sustainable Energy Development 2010-12-13 2013-11-12
F12025 Development of an Integrated Approach to Routine Automation of Neutron Activation Analysis Nuclear Science 2012-07-09 2017-01-18
T34001 Improved Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Maintenance Techniques for Research Reactors using the Plant Computer Nuclear Science 2012-10-30 2015-11-02
F12022 Application of Nuclear Methods in Microstructural Characterisation and Performance Testing of Materials for Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Storage Technologies Nuclear Science 2009-09-11 2014-12-15
F41027 Spectroscopic and Collisional Data for Tungsten from 1 eV to 20 keV Nuclear Science 2010-04-26 2015-04-27
F43018 Light Element Atom, Molecule and Radical Behaviour in the Divertor and Edge Plasma Regions Nuclear Science 2009-06-11 2015-01-16
F43019 Atomic and Molecular Data for State-resolved Modelling of Hydrogen and Helium and their Isotopes in Fusion Plasma Nuclear Science 2011-02-22 2017-07-25
F43020 Data for Erosion and Tritium Retention in Beryllium Plasma-facing Materials Nuclear Science 2011-12-13 2018-04-10
F41026 Prompt Fission Neutron Spectra of Actinides Nuclear Science 2009-11-06 2014-10-29
F41028 Development of a Reference Database for Particle-Induced Gamma-ray Emission (PIGE) Spectroscopy Nuclear Science 2011-02-07 2015-09-02
F11015 Applications of Synchrotron Radiation for Environmental Sciences and Materials Research for Development of Environmentally Friendly Resources Nuclear Science 2012-02-10 2016-02-18
F11016 Utilization of Ion Accelerators for Studying and Modelling of Radiation Induced Defects in Semiconductors and Insulators Nuclear Science 2011-12-14 2016-11-02
F11018 Application of Two and Three Dimensional Neutron Imaging with Focus on Cultural Heritage Research Nuclear Science 2012-03-28 2017-01-20
F12024 Utilisation of Accelerator-Based Real-time Methods in the Investigation of Materials with High Technological Importance Nuclear Science 2012-03-28 2016-07-01
G42004 Improvement of Portable Instruments and Analytical Techniques for in Situ Applications Nuclear Science 2011-07-15 2016-04-06
F13013 Investigations on Materials under High Repetition and Intense Fusion Pulses Nuclear Science 2011-11-11 2016-04-18
F13015 Conceptual Development of Steady-state Compact Fusion Neutron Sources Nuclear Science 2012-06-25 2017-01-19
G42003 Micro-analytical Techniques Based on Nuclear Spectrometry for Environmental Monitoring and Material Studies Nuclear Science 2010-03-18 2013-06-17
D23028 Improving Nutritional Quality by Altering Concentrations of Enhancing Factors Using Induced Mutation and Biotechnology in Crops Food and Agriculture 2009-01-12 2014-11-28
D12011 Integrated Isotopic Approaches for an Area-wide Precision Conservation to Control the Impacts of Agricultural Practices on Land Degradation and Soil Erosion Food and Agriculture 2008-12-08 2013-11-26
D15012 Soil Quality and Nutrient Management for Sustainable Food Production in Mulch-based Cropping Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Food and Agriculture 2011-11-18 2018-04-23
D12010 Strategic Placement and Area-Wide Evaluation of Water Conservation Zones in Agricultural Catchments for Biomass Production, Water Quality and Food Security Food and Agriculture 2008-10-30 2014-05-13
D15013 Approaches to Improvement of Crop Genotypes with High Water and Nutrient use Efficiency for Water Scarce Environments Food and Agriculture 2011-11-01 2017-08-02
D31026 Genetic Variation on the Control of Resistance to Infectious Diseases in Small Ruminants for Improving Animal Productivity Food and Agriculture 2010-06-11 2016-12-22
D31027 The Use of Enzymes and Nuclear Technologies to Improve the Utilization of Fibrous Feeds and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission from Livestock Food and Agriculture 2010-09-02 2016-09-27
D32028 Development of Molecular and Nuclear Technologies for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) Food and Agriculture 2010-03-18 2015-09-07
D32029 The Use of Irradiated Vaccines in the Control of Infectious Transboundary Diseases of Livestock Food and Agriculture 2010-06-11 2016-04-08
D62008 Development of Generic Irradiation Doses for Quarantine Treatments Food and Agriculture 2009-06-11 2015-07-28
D62009 Development of Irradiated Foods for Immuno-compromised Patients and Other Potential Target Groups Food and Agriculture 2010-06-11 2015-10-22
D52036 Development of Radiometric and Allied Analytical Methods to Strengthen National Residue Control Programs for Antibiotic and Anthelmintic Veterinary Drug Residues Food and Agriculture 2009-05-12 2015-02-02
D52037 Implementation of Nuclear Techniques to Improve Food Traceability Food and Agriculture 2011-02-07 2018-02-07
D41022 Increasing the Efficiency of Lepidoptera SIT by Enhanced Quality Control Food and Agriculture 2008-09-15 2015-07-30
D41023 Resolution of Cryptic Species Complexes of Tephritid Pests to Overcome Constraints to SIT Application and International Trade Food and Agriculture 2010-03-18 2015-07-23
D41024 Use of Symbiotic Bacteria to Reduce Mass-rearing Costs and Increase Mating Success in Selected Fruit Pests in Support of SIT Application Food and Agriculture 2012-02-10 2018-01-26
D42014 Development and Evaluation of Improved Strains of Insect Pests for SIT Food and Agriculture 2009-05-12 2014-05-06
D42013 Applying GIS and Population Genetics for Managing Livestock Insect Pests Food and Agriculture 2008-04-01 2014-08-21
G34002 Biology of Male Mosquitoes in Relation to Genetic Control Programmes Food and Agriculture 2007-12-01 2013-11-13
D23030 Integrated Utilization of Cereal Mutant Varieties in Crop/Livestock Production Systems for Climate Smart Agriculture Food and Agriculture 2012-09-17 2018-05-16
D24012 Enhancing the Efficiency of Induced Mutagenesis through an Integrated Biotechnology Pipeline Food and Agriculture 2009-02-04 2016-04-14
D24013 Isolation and Characterization of Genes Involved in Mutagenesis of Crop Plants Food and Agriculture 2009-05-12 2015-04-27
E24018 Development of Quality Audits for Advanced Technology (IMRT) in Radiotherapy Dose Delivery Human Health 2013-06-04 2017-01-19
E43024 Nuclear Techniques to Assess Body Composition in Children and Adolescents as a Risk Factor in the Development of Chronic Diseases Human Health 2010-09-02 2016-03-16
E43026 Doctoral CRP on Stable Isotope Techniques to Assess Intake of Human Milk and Body Composition of Infants and Young Children up to Two Years of Age Human Health 2011-09-20 2017-11-13
E13038 Clinical use of Myocardial SPECT Imaging and CT Angiography in Coronary Artery Disease Human Health 2010-11-15 2016-10-12
E33030 Altered Fractionation and Radio-Sensitisation in Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy Human Health 2008-10-30 2015-12-17
E33033 Short Course Versus Standard Course Radiotherapy, in Elderly and/or Fragile Patients with Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) Human Health 2009-02-04 2015-03-27
E33034 Resource-Sparing Curative Treatment for Rectal Cancer Human Health 2009-09-04 2015-11-26
E33037 Evidence-Based Assessment of Radiotherapy Demand and Quality of Radiotherapy Services Human Health 2014-02-13 2017-10-31
E41015 Stable Isotope Technique to Assess Human Milk Intake in Infants Living in Contaminated Areas Human Health 2009-09-04 2015-04-09
E43022 Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition during Early Life; Addressing Nutritional Requirements by Stable Isotope Techniques Human Health 2008-10-30 2014-11-24
E43021 Food Fortification and Biofortification to Improve Micronutrients Status During Early Life Human Health 2008-09-15 2014-01-08
E43023 Stable Isotope Techniques in the Development and Monitoring of Nutritional Interventions for Infants and Children with Malaria, TB and other Infectious Diseases Human Health 2009-09-08 2015-11-08
E24017 To Investigate the Relationship Between end to end Accuracy and Quality Assurance Extent and Depth in Radiotherapy Human Health 2013-06-04 2018-03-23
E31006 Safety and Optimisation of Radiation Sterilization in Tissue Banking: Studies on Functional Properties of Irradiated Tissue Grafts Human Health 2010-03-18 2017-03-30
E35008 Strengthening of “Biological dosimetry” in IAEA Member States: Improvement of current techniques and intensification of collaboration and networking among the different institutes Human Health 2012-02-10 2016-11-28
E21007 Development of Quantitative Nuclear Medicine Imaging for Patient Specific Dosimetry Human Health 2009-06-11 2015-07-15
E21008 Development of Advanced Dosimetry Techniques for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Human Health 2010-06-11 2014-11-19
E24015 Doctoral CRP on Quality Assurance of the Physical Aspects of Advanced Technology in Radiotherapy Human Health 2008-06-15 2015-01-15
E13037 The Use of Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast, Melanoma, Head & Neck and Pelvic Cancers Human Health 2010-10-12 2013-11-22
E33026 Clinical/Radiobiological Study on Viral-Induced Cancers’ Response to Radiotherapy, with Comprehensive Morbidity Assessment Human Health 2006-09-15 2015-02-02
E33028 Investigation of Optimal Radiotherapy Regimen and Type of Irradiation in Treatment of Painful Bone Metastasis Human Health 2007-07-01 2013-07-17
E33029 Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Human Health 2007-12-01 2013-10-10
E33031 Optimisation of Radiotherapy in Low Resource Settings: Paediatric Cancer Patients Human Health 2008-10-30 2014-08-06
F31004 Stable Isotopes in Precipitation and Paleoclimatic Archives in Tropical Areas to Improve Regional Hydrological and Climatic Impact Models Water Resources 2013-07-04 2017-11-23
F33017 Use of Environmental Isotope Tracer Techniques to Improve Basin-scale Recharge Estimation Water Resources 2009-03-26 2013-12-12
F33019 The Use of Environmental Isotopes to Assess Sustainability of Intensively Exploited Aquifer Systems Water Resources 2012-07-09 2016-03-22
F33018 Estimation of Groundwater Recharge and Discharge by Using the Tritium-Helium-3 Dating Technique Water Resources 2010-09-02 2015-09-10
F33020 Environmental Isotope and Age Dating Methods to Assess Water Quality in Rivers Affected by Shallow Groundwater Discharges Water Resources 2012-09-17 2016-11-24
F32006 Use of Environmental Isotopes in Assessing Water Resources in Snow, Glacier, and Permafrost Dominated Areas under Changing Climatic Conditions Water Resources 2010-06-11 2015-04-27
K41009 Nuclear and Isotopic Studies of the El Niño Phenomenon in the Ocean Environment 2004-03-01 2013-11-11
K41012 Ocean Acidification and the Economic Impact on Fisheries and Coastal Society Environment 2012-09-17 2017-05-19
K41011 Benchmarking Calibration for Low-Level Gamma Spectrometric Measurements of Environmental Samples Environment 2008-08-15 2013-11-26
F22049 Production and Utilisation of Emerging Positron Emitters for Medical Applications with an Emphasis on Cu-64 and I-124 Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2010-01-04 2013-09-17
F22062 Accelerator-based Alternatives to Non-HEU production of Mo-99/Tc-99m Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2011-12-14 2016-03-23
F22048 Development of 18F-labeled Radiopharmaceuticals (beyond [18F]FDG) for use in Oncology and Neurosciences Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2009-01-12 2013-12-16
F22050 Development of Ga-68 based PET-Radiopharmaceuticals for Management of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2010-11-15 2017-01-11
F22052 Development and Preclinical Evaluations of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Based on Lu-177 and Y-90 Labeled Monoclonal Antibodies and Peptides Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2011-02-07 2016-03-23
F22060 Radiometric Methods for Measuring and Modelling Multiphase Systems Towards Process Management Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2012-07-09 2016-10-20
F22051 Radiation Curing of Composites for Enhancing their Features and Utility in Health Care and Industry Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2011-03-14 2015-11-03
F22063 Application of Radiation Technology in the Development of Advanced Packaging Materials for Food Products Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2013-02-08 2017-10-31
F23028 Nanoscale Radiation Engineering of Advanced Materials for Potential Biomedical Applications Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2009-01-12 2013-05-21
F23029 Radiation Treatment of Wastewater for Reuse with Particular Focus on Wastewaters Containing Organic Pollutants Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2010-11-15 2016-11-15
T34002 Establishment of Material Properties Database for Irradiated Core Structural Components for Continued Safe Operation and Lifetime Extension of Ageing Research Reactors Safety of Nuclear Installations 2013-07-03 2017-05-15
T21026 Treatment of Irradiated Graphite to Meet Acceptance Criteria for Waste Disposal Management of Radioactive Waste 2010-12-13 2015-04-24
J02004 Development of Nuclear Security Assessment Methodologies (NUSAM) for Regulated Facilities. Nuclear Security 2013-11-15 2018-03-21
J02003 Identification of High Confidence Nuclear Forensics Signatures for the Development of National Nuclear Forensics Libraries Nuclear Security 2013-09-05 2016-12-13