CRP Code Title Programme Start Date Expected
End Date
D25005 Mutation Breeding for Resistance to Striga Parasitic Weeds in Cereals for Food Security 2016-05-06 2021-05-05
D32034 Use of Stable Isotopes to Trace Bird Migrations and Molecular Nuclear Techniques to Investigate the Epidemiology and Ecology of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Phase II) 2017-12-04 2023-12-03
D44002 Mosquito Handling, Transport, Release and Male Trapping Methods 2015-07-03 2020-07-02
D52041 Integrated Radiometric and Complementary Techniques for Mixed Contaminants and Residues in Foods 2017-03-17 2022-03-16
F13017 Towards the Standardization of Small Specimen Test Techniques For Fusion Applications 2017-03-17 2021-03-16
F23031 Sharing and Developing Protocols to Further Minimize Radioactive Gaseous Releases to the Environment in the Manufacture of Medical Radioisotopes, as Good Manufacturing Practice 2015-05-12 2018-05-11
F23033 Radiation Inactivation of Bio-hazards Using High Powered Electron Beam Accelerators 2018-04-13 2022-04-12
I22004 Organizational Cultural Basis for Successful Performance in Nuclear Power Plant 2016-10-17 2019-10-16
I32011 Benchmark Analysis of FFTF Loss of Flow Without Scram Test 2018-07-26 2022-07-25
J02006 Nuclear Security for Research Reactors and Associated Facilities 2015-12-09 2020-12-08
K41018 Evaluating the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Seafood – a Global Approach 2019-04-03 2023-04-04
T33002 Accelerator-Driven System (ADS) Applications and Use of Low-Enriched Uranium in ADSs 2016-03-18 2019-03-17
I31029 Development of Approaches, Methodologies and Criteria for Determining the Technical Basis for Emergency Planning Zone for Small Modular Reactor Deployment Nuclear Power 2018-02-09 2021-02-08
I32010 Design and Performance Assessment of Passive Engineered Safety Features in Advanced Small Modular Reactors Nuclear Power 2017-07-19 2020-07-18
I31020 HTGR Reactor Physics, Thermal-Hydraulics and Depletion Uncertainty Analysis Nuclear Power 2012-04-19 2019-04-18
I31026 Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Safety Design Nuclear Power 2014-12-12 2018-12-11
I31032 Neutronics Benchmark of CEFR Start-Up Tests Nuclear Power 2018-04-07 2022-04-06
I32009 Radioactive Release from the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor under Severe Accident Conditions Nuclear Power 2015-11-13 2020-05-31
I35006 Assessing Technical and Economic Aspects of Nuclear Hydrogen Production for Near-term Deployment Nuclear Power 2018-04-12 2021-04-11
I31022 Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Codes for Nuclear Power Plant Design Nuclear Power 2013-02-22 2018-02-21
I31025 Understanding and Prediction of Thermal Hydraulics Phenomena Relevant to Supercritical Water Cooled Reactors Nuclear Power 2014-06-19 2019-06-19
I31030 Methodology for Assessing Pipe Failure Rates in Advanced Water Cooled Reactor (WCRs) Nuclear Power 2018-02-09 2022-02-08
I31031 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) Benchmark for Multi-Unit/Multi-Reactor Sites Nuclear Power 2018-02-14 2022-02-15
T12031 Fuel Materials for Fast Reactors Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2019-02-27 2022-12-31
T13016 Spent Fuel Performance Assessment and Research - Phase IV Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2016-02-25 2020-06-30
T21028 Ageing Management Programmes for Spent Fuel Dry Storage Systems Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2016-10-17 2020-12-31
T13015 Management of Severely Damaged Spent Fuel and Corium Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2016-02-25 2020-02-24
T11006 Uranium/Thorium Fuelled High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Applications for Energy Neutral and Sustainable Comprehensive Extraction and Mineral Product Development Processes Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Technologies 2015-04-22 2019-04-21
I12006 Assessments of the Potential Role of Nuclear Energy in National Climate Change Mitigation Strategies Capacity Building and Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance for Sustainable Energy Development 2016-10-17 2019-10-16
L53003 Sustainable Education in Nuclear Science and Technology Capacity Building and Nuclear Knowledge Maintenance for Sustainable Energy Development 2015-09-21 2018-09-20
T12029 Benchmarks of Computational Tools against Experimental Data on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation for Utilization, Operation and Safety Analysis of Research Reactors Nuclear Science 2015-02-23 2019-02-22
F43021 Plasma-Wall Interaction with Irradiated Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys in Fusion Devices Nuclear Science 2013-09-05 2019-09-05
F43022 Plasma–Wall Interaction with Reduced Activation Steel Surfaces in Fusion Devices Nuclear Science 2014-12-12 2019-12-11
F43023 Data for Atomic Processes Related to Neutral Beams in Fusion Plasma Nuclear Science 2017-03-17 2021-03-16
F43024 Atomic Data for Vapour Shielding in Fusion Devices Nuclear Science 2018-12-05 2021-12-31
F41032 Updating the Photonuclear Data Library and Generating a Reference Database for Photon Strength Functions Nuclear Science 2016-01-01 2019-12-31
F41033 Recommended Input Parameter Library (RIPL) for Fission Cross Section Calculations Nuclear Science 2017-03-10 2021-12-31
F11019 Development of Molecular Concentration Mapping Techniques Using MeV Focussed Ion Beams Nuclear Science 2014-04-04 2018-04-04
F11020 Ion Beam Induced Spatio-temporal Structural Evolution of Materials: Accelerators for a New Technology Era Nuclear Science 2016-12-07 2020-12-06
F11021 Enhancing Nuclear Analytical Techniques to Meet the Needs of Forensic Science Nuclear Science 2017-06-12 2020-06-11
F11022 Ion Beam Irradiation for High Level Nuclear Waste Form Development (INWARD) Nuclear Science 2018-06-07 2022-06-30
T14003 Accelerator Simulation and Theoretical Modelling of Radiation Effects - SMoRE-II Nuclear Science 2016-09-22 2020-09-21
G42008 Facilitating Experiments with Ion Beam Accelerators Nuclear Science 2019-06-13 2024-06-12
G42007 Field-deployable Analytical Methods to Assess the Authenticity, Safety and Quality of Food Nuclear Science 2017-03-17 2021-03-16
F13018 Development of Steady-State Compact Fusion Neutron Sources Nuclear Science 2018-05-28 2022-06-01
F13019 Network of Small and Medium Size Magnetic Confinement Fusion Devices for Fusion Research Nuclear Science 2018-05-07 2022-05-06
D22005 Efficient Screening Techniques to Identify Mutants with Disease Resistance for Coffee and Banana Food and Agriculture 2015-11-02 2020-11-01
D23031 Improving Resilience to Drought in Rice and Sorghum through Mutation Breeding Food and Agriculture 2017-07-10 2021-07-09
D15015 Response to Nuclear Emergencies Affecting Food and Agriculture Food and Agriculture 2013-09-13 2019-03-31
D15016 Minimizing Farming Impacts on Climate Change by Enhancing Carbon and Nitrogen Capture and Storage in Agro-Ecosystems Food and Agriculture 2014-09-12 2019-09-11
D15017 Nuclear Techniques for a Better Understanding of the Impact of Climate Change on Soil Erosion in Upland Agro-ecosystems Food and Agriculture 2016-03-18 2021-03-17
D12012 Optimizing Soil, Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Integrated Cropping-Livestock Production Systems Food and Agriculture 2013-06-04 2018-06-03
D12014 Enhancing Agricultural Resilience and Water Security Using Cosmic-Ray Neutron Technology Food and Agriculture 2019-06-13 2024-06-12
D15018 Multiple Isotope Fingerprints to Identify Sources and Transport of Agro-Contaminants Food and Agriculture 2018-04-12 2023-04-11
D31028 Application of Nuclear and Genomic Tools to Enable the Selection of Animals with Enhanced Productivity Traits Food and Agriculture 2016-05-31 2021-05-30
D31029 Quantification of intake and diet selection of ruminants grazing heterogeneous pastures using compound specific stable isotopes Food and Agriculture 2016-07-11 2021-07-10
D32031 Early and Rapid Diagnosis and Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases — Phase II: African Swine Fever Food and Agriculture 2014-04-04 2019-04-04
D32032 Early Detection of Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) to Facilitate Prevention and Control through a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Network (VETLAB Network) Food and Agriculture 2016-04-11 2021-04-10
D32033 Irradiation of Transboundary Animal Disease (TAD) Pathogens as Vaccines and Immune Inducers Food and Agriculture 2017-01-02 2021-12-31
D61024 Development of Electron Beam and X Ray Applications for Food Irradiation (DEXAFI) Food and Agriculture 2015-09-03 2020-04-30
D52038 Accessible Technologies for the Verification of Origin of Dairy Products as an Example Control System to Enhance Global Trade and Food Safety Food and Agriculture 2013-09-13 2019-06-30
D52039 Development and Strengthening of Radio-Analytical and Complementary Techniques to Control Residues of Veterinary Drugs and Related Chemicals in Aquaculture Products Food and Agriculture 2015-03-23 2020-03-22
D52040 Field-deployable Analytical Methods to Assess the Authenticity, Safety and Quality of Food Food and Agriculture 2017-03-17 2021-12-31
D52042 Implementation of Nuclear Techniques for Authentication of Foods with High-Value Labelling Claims (INTACT Food) Food and Agriculture 2019-02-13 2024-12-31
D41025 Dormancy Management to Enable Mass-rearing and Increase Efficacy of Sterile Insects and Natural Enemies Food and Agriculture 2014-02-13 2019-06-30
D41026 Improved Field Performance of Sterile Male Lepidoptera to Ensure Success in SIT Programmes Food and Agriculture 2016-03-18 2021-03-17
D41027 Simultaneous Application of SIT and MAT to Enhance Pest Bactrocera Management Food and Agriculture 2018-12-03 2023-12-31
D42016 Comparing Rearing Efficiency and Competitiveness of Sterile Male Strains Produced by Genetic, Transgenic or Symbiont-based Technologies Food and Agriculture 2015-02-06 2020-02-06
D43003 Integration of the SIT with Biocontrol for Greenhouse Insect Pest Management Food and Agriculture 2017-03-17 2022-03-16
D42017 Improvement of Colony Management in Insect Mass-rearing for SIT Applications Food and Agriculture 2018-04-12 2023-04-11
D44003 Generic approach for the development of genetic sexing strains for SIT applications Food and Agriculture 2019-03-27 2024-03-28
D22006 Enhanced biotic-stress tolerance of pulses towards sustainable intensification of cropping systems for climate-change adaptation Food and Agriculture 2019-06-13 2024-06-12
D23032 Disease Resistance in Rice and Wheat for Better Adaptation to Climate Change Food and Agriculture 2018-09-24 2023-09-30
E24021 Testing of Code of Practice on Small Field Dosimetry Human Health 2015-09-03 2019-09-02
E41016 Application of Stable Isotope Techniques in Environmental Enteric Dysfunction Assessment and Understanding its Impact on Child Growth Human Health 2017-06-12 2021-06-11
E43025 Stable Isotope Techniques to Design Effective Food Fortification Strategies in Settings with High H. Pylori Infection Human Health 2011-04-27 2016-12-31
E43027 Using Nuclear Techniques to Develop and Evaluate Food-Based Strategies to Prevent Micronutrient Deficiencies in Young Children Human Health 2011-11-18 2017-11-17
E43028 Doctoral CRP on Longitudinal Measures of Body Composition of Healthy Infants and Young Children up to 2 Years of Age Using Stable Isotope Techniques Human Health 2013-07-04 2020-07-04
E43029 Using Nuclear Techniques to Assess the Role of Nutrition-Sensitive Agri-Food Systems in Improving Diet, Health and Nutritional Status of Vulnerable Populations Human Health 2013-11-13 2019-11-13
E43030 Optimizing Nuclear Techniques to Assess Vitamin A Status Human Health 2015-02-06 2020-02-06
E43031 Bioavailability of Proteins from Plant Based Diets Human Health 2015-09-03 2021-09-30
E43032 Applying Nuclear Techniques to Understand Link between Early Life Nutrition and Later Childhood Health Human Health 2017-08-16 2022-08-15
E13043 Enhancing Capacity of Neuroimaging and Biomarkers: Application in Early-stage Alzheimer's Disease with Comorbidities Human Health 2015-12-15 2020-12-14
E13044 PET/CT in the Evaluation of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Human Health 2018-02-19 2021-02-18
E13045 Gated-SPECT in the Planning of Ischemia Guided PCI in STEMI Patients Human Health 2017-03-16 2021-03-16
E13046 Use of PET–CT with Gallium-68 Labelled Prostrate Specific Membrane Antigen in the Diagnosis and Follow-up of Patients with Prostate Cancer Human Health 2017-05-15 2021-05-14
E13047 Imaging in Cardio-Oncology Study (ICOS) Human Health 2019-03-27 2024-03-28
E13048 Prognostic Value of Arterial 18F-FDG PET Imaging - The PIAF Trial Human Health 2019-05-09 2024-05-09
E33035 Resource Sparing Curative Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck Human Health 2010-11-15 2019-11-14
E33036 Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy versus Transarterial Chemoembolization in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Human Health 2014-05-29 2021-05-28
E33038 Radiation Therapy Planning of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer based on PET/CT (Radiation Oncology component) Human Health 2014-05-29 2020-05-28
E33041 E-Learning for Teaching and Assessing Competency in Radiotherapy Contouring for Multidisciplinary Teams in Low and Middle Income Countries Human Health 2018-05-28 2021-12-31
E23005 Dosimetry in Molecular Radiotherapy for Personalized Patient Treatments Human Health 2017-07-10 2021-07-09
E24020 Evaluation and Optimization of Paediatric Imaging Human Health 2015-09-03 2018-12-31
E31007 Instructive Surfaces and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Using Radiation Technology. (conducted jointly with F23030) Human Health 2014-04-04 2019-04-30
E33039 Improving Radiotherapy Treatment Planning for Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Low and Middle Income Countries Human Health 2015-09-03 2020-09-28
E35010 Applications of Biological Dosimetry Methods in Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, and Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (MEDBIODOSE) Human Health 2017-07-10 2021-07-09
F33024 Isotope Techniques for the Evaluation of Water Sources for Domestic Supply in Urban Areas Water Resources 2018-04-12 2022-04-11
F33025 Isotope Techniques for the Evaluation of Water Sources in Irrigation Systems Water Resources 2018-05-28 2021-05-28
F33023 Use of Long-lived Radionuclides for Dating Very Old Groundwaters Water Resources 2016-07-11 2021-01-10
F32008 Global Monitoring of Nitrogen Isotopes in Atmospheric Waters Water Resources 2018-05-28 2021-05-28
F33022 Use of Isotope Hydrology to Characterize Groundwater Systems in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants Water Resources 2016-07-11 2019-07-10
F31005 Isotope-enabled Models for Improved Estimates of Water Balance in Catchments Water Resources 2018-05-28 2021-05-21
F32007 Isotopes to Study Nitrogen Pollution and Eutrophication of Rivers and Lakes Water Resources 2016-02-22 2020-02-21
K41016 Study of Temporal Trends of Pollution in Selected Coastal Areas by the Application of Isotopic and Nuclear Tools Environment 2016-09-21 2020-06-20
K41017 Behaviour and Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Marine Environment and their use as Tracers for Oceanography Studies Environment 2017-04-18 2021-04-17
K41015 Radioanalytical and Isotopic Studies of Climate Trends and Variability in Marine Paleo-records Environment 2016-12-07 2019-12-06
F22053 Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Labelled with New Emerging Radionuclides (67Cu, 186Re, 47Sc) Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2016-03-18 2020-03-17
F22068 New Ways of Producing Tc-99m and Tc-99m Generators (Beyond Fission and Cyclotron Methods) Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2017-09-12 2020-09-11
F22064 Nanosized Delivery Systems for Radiopharmaceuticals Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2014-04-04 2019-04-04
F22067 Copper-64 Radiopharmaceuticals for Theranostic Applications Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2016-03-18 2020-03-17
F22065 Development of Radiometric Methods for Exploration and Process Optimization in Mining and Mineral Industries Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2015-07-03 2019-07-02
F22066 Development of Radiometric Methods and Modelling for Measurement of Sediment Transport and Dispersion of Particles and Pollutants from Outfalls Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2016-04-11 2020-04-10
F22069 Imaging Technologies for Process Investigation and Components Testing Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2017-11-17 2021-11-16
F22070 Enhancing the Beneficial Effects of Radiation Processing in Nanotechnology Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2019-01-21 2023-06-30
F23030 Instructive Surfaces and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Using Radiation Technology. (Conducted Jointly with E31007) Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2014-02-13 2019-04-30
F23032 Developing Radiation Treatment Methodologies and New Resin Formulations for Consolidation And Preservation of Archived Materials and Cultural Heritage Artefacts Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology 2015-05-21 2020-05-20
J02008 Enhancing Computer Security Incident Analysis at Nuclear Facilities Nuclear Security 2016-07-14 2020-07-13
J02010 Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats at Nuclear Facilities Nuclear Security 2019-01-01 2022-12-31
J02011 Improving the Security of Radioactive Material throughout its Lifecycle, Associated Facilities, and Associated Activities Nuclear Security 2019-02-27 2022-06-30
J02005 Improved Assessment of Initial Alarms from Radiation Detection Instruments Nuclear Security 2015-12-09 2019-12-08
J02012 Advancing Radiation Detection Equipment for Detecting Nuclear and Other Radioactive out of Material Out of Regulatory Control Nuclear Security 2017-04-28 2020-05-27
J02013 Applying Nuclear Forensic Science to Respond to a Nuclear Security Event Nuclear Security 2019-01-25 2023-06-30