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Development of New Applications of Machine Generated Food Irradiation Technologies (D61024)

Electron Beam Conveyor (Photo: IAEA)

CRP at a Glance

Most of the food irradiated in the world is treated with gamma rays generated by the radionuclide cobalt-60, but using electrically generated “machine source” radiation could broaden the choice of food irradiation technologies. This is strategic research and the aim of the CRP is to accelerate research and development to facilitate implementation of practical techniques using electron beam (EB) and X ray to unlock the potential of machine sources for radiation treatment of agricultural and food products. The project will adopt an international and multidisciplinary approach involving cooperative research and development between food scientists, electrical engineers, equipment manufacturers, and stakeholders within the agro-food industry.
A meeting of experts in 2014 identified the following topics, and these and other proposals meeting the CRP aims and objectives can be selected for inclusion:

  1. New concepts of EB and X ray machines that could easily be integrated in existing food processing lines;
  2. Development of novel pre-packaged food irradiated by EB or X ray.
  3. Effects on foodborne microorganisms of EB and X rays at energies below 300 keV or at energies between 5 and 7.5 MeV for X rays.
  4. Potential creation of short-lived radionuclides of toxicological significance with X rays having energies between 5 and 7.5 MeV.
  5. Dosimetry methods and tools usable for EB and X rays with energies ranging from 5 to 7.5 MeV and for EB and X rays having an energy below 300 keV.


  1. Recruitment of participants
  2. First Research Coordination Meeting (RCM), Vienna, Austria, 19-21 November 2015
  3. Second RCM: 2017
  4. Final RCM: 2020

Project Officers

  1. Yves Henon
  2. Carl Blackburn

How to join the CRP?

Please submit your Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement directly to the IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section, using the form templates (http://cra.iaea.org/cra/forms.html) on the CRA web site (preferably via email): research.contracts@iaea.org