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Improvement of the Reliability and Accuracy of Heavy Ion Beam Nuclear Analytical Techniques (F11013)

The objective of the IAEA CRP was to help support Member States research and development needs in advanced engineering materials through the delivery of nuclear analytical tools with a high degree of reliability, accuracy, and user confidence.

As one of the outputs of this CRP, a scientific paper has recently been published: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168583X14003498.

Molecular stopping cross section data of Al2O3, for heavy ions of 12C, 16O, 28Si, 35Cl, 79Br within the energy range of 0.01–1.0 MeV/nucleon were measured within the CRP. Both direct transmission and bulk analysis methods were applied. Stopping cross-sections were calculated both with the SRIM and MSTAR codes. Evaluation and intercomparison of the new data with the calculated and previously measured ones are reported in this paper.

The new data have been uploaded to the IAEA Nuclear Data Section “Stopping Power for Light and Heavier Ions” database: https://www-nds.iaea.org/stopping/, which is also cited in the publication.