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NUSAM Newsletter: CRP on Development of Nuclear Security Assessment Methodologies (NUSAM) for Regulated Facilities (J02004)

IAEA has launched the Coordinated Research Project on Nuclear Security Assessment Methodologies (NUSAM) for Regulated Facilities. The first research coordination meeting was held from 17 to 21 March 2014; Vienna, Austria, where 24 experts from 13 Member States participated the meeting. The main objective of the NUSAM project is to establish a risk-informed, performance-based methodological framework for nuclear security assessment. The framework will be used to assess the nuclear security of regulated facilities and activities in a systematic, structured, and comprehensive manner. While the NUSAM project may explore new approaches to nuclear security assessment, consistency with recommendations, requirements and guidance provided in current IAEA Nuclear Security documents will be maintained. A secondary objective is to provide an environment for the sharing and transfer of knowledge and experience, and to provide guidance on, and practical examples of good practice in security assessment.

The project is structured in a manner where the use and applicability of the methodological framework can be illustrated on a practical basis through the use of case studies. While the focus of the project is on the overall assessment framework, specific components judged to be key components in the methodology will be explored and developed in more detail.

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