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Plasma-Wall Interaction for Irradiated Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys in Fusion Devices (F43021)

Tungsten is foreseen as a plasma-facing material in a fusion reactor, which provides an intense neutron radiation environment. This CRP will enhance the knowledge base on effects of neutron and surrogate irradiation upon tungsten and tungsten alloy microstructure and thereby upon surface erosion and upon trapping and transport of tritium in tungsten-based plasma-facing materials.

The CRP will bring together experimentalists from fusion research institutes and from laboratory plasma-material interaction experiments and theorists involved in molecular dynamics and quantum simulations of plasma interaction with nuclear-modified tungsten. Data and understanding produced in the CRP will be used in fusion plasma and fusion materials modelling towards the design of next-step devices beyond ITER. It will increase the confidence in assessments of the role of tungsten as a plasma-facing material in DEMO or in a Fusion Power Plant.

Click here for the project description.

More details can be found under the Nuclear Data Section website: http://www-amdis.iaea.org/CRP/IrradiatedTungsten.