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Heavy Charged-particle Interaction Data for Radiotherapy (F43017)

This CRP has been successful in bringing together researchers from 12 different institutions for collaboration on experimental and theoretical aspects of atomic and nuclear data for the interaction of protons and carbon therapeutic beams on materials of relevance to radiotherapy.

The CRP succeeded in including senior Monte Carlo code developers of relevance to the field who ensured the implementation of CRP recommendations into existing Monte Carlo codes. These CRP recommendations have been implemented in the latest versions of major Monte Carlo transport codes used in radiotherapy studies for proton and carbon ions including Geant4, FLUKA, PHITS and SHIELD-HIT. Key experimental information on fragmentation of carbon beams in water was compiled and disseminated within CRP participants, serving as a benchmark for Monte Carlo transport codes. Additional documentation is in preparation as an IAEA technical report.

The participants have also produced a large number of scientific articles connected to the subject matter of the CRP showing the benefits of coordinated multilateral research activities. Additionally, a technical report INDC(NDS)-0612 documenting newly available nuclear data libraries for the Monte Carlo code Geant4 was published in 2012.

The CRP has been strongly supported by MS where proton and ion therapy centres are planned or in operation. The observed increase in proton therapy cancer treatment worldwide highlights the importance of CRP produced data and recommendations to improve the quality and safety of patient dose delivery calculations in radiotherapy.

Monte Carlo (MCHIT) depth-dose distributions for therapeutic carbon beams in water

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