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Proposal Forms

The following forms are available for download and can be opened with Microsoft Word:

Proposal for Research Contract1
Proposal for Research Agreement2
Request for Renewal of Research Contract3

1Research Contracts are generally awarded to institutions in developing countries or countries in transition insofar as they can effectively carry out the research. Research Contracts are awarded for an initial duration of one year with the possibility of renewal. The template for Proposal for Research Contract is also used for Doctoral Contract and for Technical Contract.
2Research Agreements, which do not provide financial support, are generally awarded to institutions in developed countries. Agreements within a CRP are awarded for the entire duration of the CRP.
3Renewal of Research Contracts are submitted by the research institutions seeking renewal of their Research, Technical and Doctoral Contracts. These renewal proposals must be supported by reports on the technical progress of the research.

Note: If you have problems dowloading the above forms, please contact us.

Submit a Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement directly to the IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section, using the form templates on the CRA web site (preferably via email).
    • research.contracts@iaea.org