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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a CRP?
A: A CRP is a Coordinated Research Project. Research efforts supported by the IAEA are normally carried out within the framework of CRPs. These are developed in relation to a well-defined research topic on which an appropriate number of institutions are invited to collaborate and represent an effective means of bringing together researchers in both developing and industrialised countries to solve a problem of common interest. Each CRP is essentially a network of 5-15 national research institutions which work within an operational framework for research with a similar and well defined global or regional thematic or problem focus which is relevant to, or can be tackled through, nuclear technology.
Q: How do I participate in a CRP?
A: Research institutions in Member States which are interested in collaborating or participating in a CRP are required to submit a Proposal for Research Contract or Agreement directly to the IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section, using the form templates on the CRA web site (preferably via email): research.contracts@iaea.org
Q: Is there a deadline for submitting project proposals?
A: Each year the IAEA sends its Coordinated Research Activities Information Letter to all Member States inviting submissions of research proposals. Research contract proposals are accepted throughout the year.
Q: Can you have a contract for more than one CRP?
A: The award of a contract for more than one CRP is normally avoided.
Q: How do I know for which CRPs proposals can be submitted?
A: The topics of approved CRPs in which the IAEA proposes to support research are publicised through a Coordinated Research Activities Information Letter issued by the Director General which is distributed each year to Member States.
Q: Can I get more information on a CRP before I decide whether it is appropriate to submit a proposal? And who can provide that?
A: Yes, you can obtain more information on any CRP before you decide whether to submit a proposal. The appointed Project Officer within the Technical Division initiating the specific CRP will be able to provide further information if required. The Research Contracts Administration Section can provide the name of the Project Officer or any administrative information that you may require and can be contacted by E-mail at the following address: research.contracts@iaea.org
Q: What types of contractual arrangements does the IAEA offer to Institutions in Member States?
A: Within the scope of the Coordinated Research Activities, the IAEA offers four types of contractual arrangements to institutions in Member States: research contracts, technical contracts, doctoral contracts and research agreements.
Q: What is a research contract?
A: Research contracts are awarded for the financial support of activities which involve an essential research element or the development of a technique or specified item of equipment related to an IAEA programme. These contracts are normally awarded in relation to research activities which are part of a Coordinated Research Project. Where consistent with project requirements, preference in the award of research contracts is given to institutions in developing countries insofar as they can effectively carry out the research. Research Contracts are awarded for an initial duration of one year with the possibility of renewal.
Q: What is a technical contract?
A: A technical contract is awarded for the provision of technical services which do not include a substantial research element. They provide the IAEA with support or services needed to implement on-going or planned IAEA programmes. In such cases it is recognised that, while no research may be involved and the award of a research contract would not be appropriate, the service is needed to continue the programme successfully and that it will be of benefit to the IAEA.
Q: What is a doctoral contract?
A: Doctoral contracts are awarded to institutions located in developing countries for the benefit of students carrying out CRP related research for a Ph.D. degree in their premises. The Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) of a doctoral contract is the supervisor of the PHD student. Doctoral Contracts are awarded for five years, but are renewed on an annual basis following the review of research progress.
Q: What is a research agreement?
A: A research agreement, which does not provide financial support, may be awarded to institutions which can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of a Coordinated Research Project. The institution holding a research agreement agrees to provide a report at each Research Coordination Meeting on work relating to the CRP and to assist other participants when possible. In return, the institution shares in the results of the work of all other participating institutions. Agreements within a CRP are awarded for the entire duration of the CRP.

Contact Information

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