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About Us

Article III of the IAEA’s statute mandates that the IAEA should encourage and assist research on and development and practical application of atomic energy and its applications for peaceful purposes throughout the world and foster the exchange of scientific and technical information and exchange of scientists for peaceful uses of atomic energy. The IAEA’s Coordinated Research Activities (CRAs) have been designed to contribute to the fulfilment of this mandate by stimulating and coordinating the undertaking of research by institutes in IAEA Member States in fields in selected nuclear fields.

The IAEA’s Coordinated Research Activities create fertile ground for bringing together scientists from developing and developed countries to meet, focus on well-defined areas of research and exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas for their mutual benefits. Most of the Coordinated Research Activities are carried out under its Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs), which bring together an average of 15 scientific institutes from developing and developed countries to concentrate on problems of common interest.

CRAs at a glance
120 active CRPs
1600 research institutions involved through research, technical and doctoral contracts or research agreements
70 Technical Meetings organized per year
€7 million budget per year

Proposals for participation in the CRA should be prepared by institutes in IAEA Member States and submitted directly to the Research Contracts Administration Section. Once the proposal has been positively evaluated, the IAEA may offer institutes in developing countries a research, technical or doctoral contract and institutes in developed countries a research agreement or technical contract, which if under the auspices of a CRP, includes participation at periodic Research Coordination Meetings (RCMs). Research is completed in the institutes’ countries, with the Chief Scientific Investigator for each contract/agreement invited to the periodic RCMs for face to face discussions, exchanges of information and to facilitate the building of professional bonds that will outlast the lifetime of the CRP.

Via its contractual conditions, the IAEA ensures that the research results are freely available worldwide for use of its Member States, with the IAEA publicising widely on the research. The annual Coordinated Research Activities Information Letter, found on this site, provides further information on how prospective institutes may become involved in the programme.

The IAEA’s Research Contracts Administration Section is responsible for coordinating and managing all activities under the Coordinated Research Activities and can be contacted at research.contracts@iaea.org.